Week 22

Catholic Schools Week!

Catholic Schools Week Agenda 2016

Please see the above link to learn about all the fun ways you can show your love for Catholic Schools this week. 6th grade, remember you’re in charge of dessert for our Family Picnic on THU FEB 4. We have a school Mass on FRI FEB 5, so wear your full uniform.

We will be going on a field trip with the rest of junior high on FRI FEB 5 from about 10:30am-12:45pm. Please ask your parents if they’re willing to drive to ensure we have enough seats for us to go. Once we’re back, you’re free to go as FRI is a noon dismissal day.

Scholarship Endowment applications are due FEB 1. Forms can be found at olabruins.com or from Miss Rina.

Keep in touch with me via Edmodo. All students should already be members of my group. See me if you are not.¬†Parents, please send me an email if you’d like to join the Parent group within Edmodo and I’ll send you an invite. Your child can also invite you to the group. Homework for all classes are posted there daily, as well as helpful links to resources and copies of worksheets.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game, Yahoo Finance, iPad Calculator, Edmodo, Handouts, The Pope App, and Liturgical Calendar.

Continue to check Gradelink for the latest on your grades. We recommend you do this weekly at minimum. With several teachers giving you grades, it can be more challenging to keep track of your progress. Gradelink solves this problem.

Project Milestones


We will take a break from projects until Science Fair is over.


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