Week 15

On MON NOV 30 you can have free dress if you bring eggshells.

On WED DEC 2 you can have free dress if you bring a Santa’s Workshop donation or $5.

We have a First Friday Mass on FRI DEC 4 at 8:15am.

A donor has pledged to match OLA’s Missionary Childhood Association donations (up to $1000) for the month of DEC. Please give when you can so we can take full advantage of this generous offer.

Keep in touch with me via Edmodo. All students should already be members of my group. See me if you are not. Parents, please send me an email if you’d like to join the Parent group within Edmodo and I’ll send you an invite.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game, Yahoo Finance, iPad Calculator, Edmodo, Handouts, The Pope App, and Liturgical Calendar.


All students are expected to complete 20 minutes of Fact Master in MobyMax nightly, MON-THU.


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