Week 9

Math-a-Thon Week

In an effort to make myself more available to our students after school, I’ll begin posting on my Edmodo page again. If you’re not a member already, please follow this link to join my group: https://edmo.do/j/wtr95q Using Edmodo you can ask questions about anything OLA related and I or a fellow Bruin will help answer those questions as soon as possible.

Follow up from Parent Ed Night: Rolling backpacks are approved. Please only take home the textbooks you need for homework each night. Everything does not have to go home every evening.

Thank you for a disaster-free disaster drill. The sixth graders who went on the excursion listened to instructions and helped out the 2nd graders who needed role-models. Thank you too, to our participating parents. I appreciate your help in keeping our Bruins safe and prepared.

There will be free dress for a bag of individually wrapped Halloween candy or attending SUN Mass in uniform on MON OCT 19. FRI OCT 23 will be a free dress for $1 day.

The Math-a-Thon will take place the morning of FRI OCT 23. We will prepare for this fundraiser as part of our math classes this week.

Gradelink is our most important form of communication. Please check it weekly at a minimum. If anything needs clarification, my email address is nystrom@olabruins.com.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game, Yahoo Finance, iPad Calculator, Handouts, The Pope App, and Liturgical Calendar.


All students are expected to complete 20 minutes of Fact Master in MobyMax nightly, MON-THU.

8th: Secret Code presentations will start THU OCT 29.

7th: Factors and Multiples test will be on TUE OCT 20. Please bring materials for your Larger than Life project on THU OCT 22.

6th: Please bring materials for your Bingo! project on THU OCT 22.


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