Week 8

A Week of Preparation

Follow up from Parent Ed Night: Rolling backpacks are approved. Please only take home the textbooks you need for homework each night. Everything does not have to go home every evening, especially during testing week when homework will be very limited.

On THU OCT 15, you can have free dress for $2. Junior high will be going to Mass, so remember what Mrs. Long talked about at Rosary this week; fingertip length (minimum) shorts, four fingers at the sleeves (minimum), and NO makeup. At 10:15am, OLA will participate in the Great California ShakeOut.

On FRI OCT 16, we will begin with assembly at 8am. In the afternoon, OLA will participate in the first Diocesan multi-site disaster drill. Between 1-1:30pm, we will get the call to begin. All classes will take their belongings with them and walk to the fire station at the corner of 40th and Electric, where parents will pick students up at the regular time. Permission slips and further details are included in the October tuition envelope. If you do not want your child to participate in this event, they need to stay home or be picked up from OLA no later than noon. There will be no extended care this day.

There will be free dress for a bag of individually wrapped Halloween candy or attending SUN Mass in uniform on MON OCT 19.

Gradelink is our most important form of communication. Please check it weekly at a minimum. If anything needs clarification, my email address is nystrom@olabruins.com.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game, Yahoo Finance, iPad Calculator, and Handouts.


All students are expected to complete 20 minutes of Fact Master in MobyMax nightly, MON-THU.

8th: Rational and Irrational Numbers test on TUE OCT 13. 12 word minimum coded message is due THU OCT 15. Secret Code presentations will start THU OCT 29.

7th: Factors and Multiples test will be on FRI OCT 16. We will begin work on our Larger Than Life project on THU OCT 15. Please bring materials if you already have them.


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