Week 5

Pope Francis Visits the US!

Follow up from last week’s Parent Ed Night. Rolling backpacks are approved. Please only take home the textbooks you need for homework each night. Everything does not have to go home every evening.

MON SEP 14 is free dress for those who went to Mass in uniform this weekend. The Iowa assessments will start MON SEP 28. There are no makeups for these tests, so the school asks that you please reschedule appointments for the afternoon starting the 28th and for the following two weeks. Thank you. Our schedule will be unusual this week. Here’s all you need to know:

Monday will be a regular day, including Duolingo time, PE, and art.

Tuesday the 8th grade will be going to Aquinas High School all day so you will have extra time with me and Mr. G.

Wednesday the 7th grade is CoGAT testing, so our schedule will change in the morning. You will have math 1st period, then ELA. After recess you will have social studies until it’s time to start the Family Picnic! Remember that 6th grade is in charge of desserts. If it is raining, we will store the desserts in the back of the room and have Family Picnic on Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, we won’t be going to Mass, so it will be a typical schedule.

Friday will be a School Mass in honor of Mercy Week. Everyone will be in full uniform. After that we will have our Mass day schedule with a minor change in the afternoon during which we will attend a testing Pep Rally to get us pumped for Iowa testing next week!

Gradelink is our most important form of communication. Please check it weekly at a minimum. If anything needs clarification, my email address is nystrom@olabruins.com.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game, Yahoo Finance, and iPad Calculator.

All grades need to bring their composition books, pencils, workbooks, and iPads to class every day this week.


6th and 7th, please spend 20 minutes per night in MobyMax Test Prep for Math.

8th grade: Topic 1 Review due 9/24. Topic 1 Assessment on 9/25.


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