Week 4

Our First Five-Day Week!

Sixth grade will once again be in charge of parking lot duty this year. We will continue to update the schedule as needed. Safety Schedule updated 9/1. I still have two holes that need to be filled if anyone is kind enough to volunteer, please email me at nystrom@olabruins.com.

MON SEP 14 is free dress for those who brought in a Western Dinner Dance dessert item and/or for those who went to Mass in uniform this weekend. There will be a 3rd grade bake sale on TUE SEP 15 and the Mixed Bag fundraiser goes home. The Catalogue fundraising is due WED SEP 16. October hot lunch menus are expected to go home THU SEP 17 and Parent Education Night is at 6pm in 8th grade. FRI SEP 18 we will have Assembly at 8am and it is free dress for $1. The Iowa assessments will start MON SEP 28. There are no makeups for these tests, so the school asks that you please reschedule appointments for the afternoon starting the 28th and for the following two weeks. Thank you.

Gradelink is our most important form of communication. Please check it weekly at a minimum. If anything needs clarification, my email address is nystrom@olabruins.com, or you can leave a message for me to call you at 909-881-2416.

iPad apps to download (so far) include: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game.

The topic of the week in 6th grade math is Variables and Expressions. The topic of the week in 7th grade math is Ratios and Rates. If all goes as planned, we will have our Topic Test on FRI SEP 18. The topic of the week in 8th grade math is Rational and Irrational Numbers. The Stock Market Game topic will be Identifying Ticker Symbols and Interpreting Stock Quotes. All grades need to bring their composition books, pencils, workbooks, and iPads to class every day this week.


All classes, please spend 20 minutes per night in MobyMax Test Prep for Math.

8th grade: Worksheet 1-4 (Comparing and Ordering Rational and Irrational Numbers) due 9/16.

7th grade: Worksheet 1-4 (Unit Rates with Fractions) due 9/15.

6th grade: Worksheet 1-2 (Algebraic Expressions) due 9/15. Workbook p5-7 due 9/18.


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