Week 1

Welcome to Middle School!

Welcome back to our returning students and hello to our new ones. I wager you’re excited and maybe anxious about starting this new phase of your education. I too am excited and anxious for the new challenge of being a homeroom teacher. Together, I know we will look back on this year and it will be filled with positive memories.

Sixth grade will once again be in charge of parking lot duty this year. A schedule will be worked up this week. UPDATE: Here’s the schedule. Fortunately many of you did this important job last year, so I don’t anticipate any training difficulties.

School will dismiss at noon both MON and THU, and there is no school for students on FRI. There is a School Mass on THU, which means full uniform for all.

Gradelink is our most important form of communication. Please check it weekly at a minimum. If anything needs clarification, my email address is nystrom@olabruins.com, or you can leave a message for me to call you at 909-881-2416.

If your parents did not attend one of the iPad Training Nights, you will need to have them sign an iPad agreement and pay all fees before you can receive your iPad. Remember, it is vital that when not in use, the iPad must be in your backpack, which must be hung on one of the hooks in all three middle school rooms. UPDATE: All sixth graders who had the agreement signed received their iPads today. Don’t forget to acquire a charger and, if you want, a newer, sturdier case. TUE will be a full rotation day so seventh and eighth graders with signed agreements will receive their iPads then.

iPad apps to download are: Duolingo, Spelling City, Google Drive, Stock Market Game. Here is the link to join my Duolingo class.

The Student Handbook will be sent home on AUG 25. Free dress for having this read, signed, and returned will be AUG 31.

6th and 7th grade math will be heavily influenced by the Singapore Method this year. You will have a workbook, and spend the year constructing a composition book to be used for reference. 8th grade will continue to use a combination of online resources and the Math on Call reference textbook. For curriculum, OLA follows the Common Core standards as well as the Diocesan standards for math.


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